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K3 Texter Elecraft K3 Texter
Accessibility utility V 1.1.1

Download SetupK3T.exe by clicking here. If the file tries to execute rather than download, right click the link and choose "Save as". After the download, double click it to install. 

This program reads the responses returned by the Elecraft K3 transceiver, and possibly other Elecraft transceivers and turns them into text that is displayed on screen, so a users screen reader program can speak them.

K3 Texter after connecting

K3 Texter showing a sucessful connection to the rig.
K3 Texter TX Equalizer setting

K3 Texter showing Main Menu XMIT equalizer setting.

There is a peer support reflector. Email me with your name and call to subscribe. Put [Subscribe K3] in the subject. Inappropriate posts will get you removed from the list. This includes off-color comments, pornography, advertising, personal attacks and repeated off-topic subjects.

An archive is at http://k3-texter-support.1060218.n5.nabble.com

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